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Discover the complete forex glossary with iFOREX For example, the net currency exposure of a Forex Trading portfolio that is long three lots of EUR/USD but short two lots is net long one lot. Use the CFD and forex glossary at iFOREX to get a better understanding of the. Exposure coverage is calculated by dividing your Total Equity by your Net Exposure.

Net Exposure Definition Investopedia If the correlation between exposure currencies is positive, a company would adopt a long-short strategy for exposure netting. On the other hand, if the company is concerned the Canadian dollar may depreciate against the U. dollar, it may elect to lock in its exchange rate in three months through a forward contract or a currency option. The percentage difference between a hedge fund's long and short exposure. Net exposure is a measure of the extent to which a fund's trading book is exposed.

Derivatives and Risk Management Made Simple - JP Morgan For Forex, this is the total value of all your Forex positions converted to the base currency of your account. Exposure net leverage/gearing arising from a portfolio's derivatives. Benefit VaR is a composite risk measure that incorporates interest rate, FX, credit.

Gross Exposure Definition Investopedia Net exposure is the percentage difference between a hedge fund’s long and short exposure. Gross exposure is an especially relevant metric in the context of hedge funds, institutional investors and other traders who can hold short positions in addition to.

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Discover the complete <strong>forex</strong> glossary with iFOREX
<i>Net</i> <i>Exposure</i> Definition Investopedia
Derivatives and Risk Management Made Simple - JP Morgan
Gross <strong>Exposure</strong> Definition Investopedia
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